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EA announces Command & Conquer 4 (intentionally, this time)

Jem Alexander

That press release EA linked to yesterday? It's up now, which makes Command & Conquer 4 that little bit more real. Not only that, but everything mentioned in that online survey was also real. This will be the final chapter of the Tiberium series and will feature "persistent player progression and [an] all-in-one mobile base" when it launches in 2010 for PC.

Command & Conquer 4 will also feature a co-op mode for the two campaigns, as well as a 5-vs-5 objective-based multiplayer mode, allowing for a new "social real time strategy experience." Aren't those called LAN parties? A new episode of Battlecast PrimeTime, which will be available on July 24, will give more information on the game, and the exclusive reveal of the first cinematic trailer will be shown on GameTrailers TV on July 23.

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