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One Shots: Under the boardwalk

Last weekend was not only a time for partying in the real world; it was the Dragon Festival in Guild Wars as well. Players got to compete in mini-games for fun prizes that not only gave permanent costume pieces, but cool temporary effects like the one above. This fantastic Guild Wars One Shots comes to us from Ken Z. who writes in: I thought you might enjoy seeing Shing Jea Monastery from the Boardwalk. This is what happens when you drink a Mysterious Tonic and get lucky. I had my mini kuny out too, it gave it a nice effect. You are looking east from the boardwalk to see the special decorations in a side area of the monastery itself.

From little details to big landscapes, we love to see what you're doing in your favorite MMO! But we need you to send in those One Shots screens, so drop them in an email to oneshots AT along with your name, a brief description, and anything else you'd like to add. We'll post them here for everyone to enjoy and give you the credit!

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