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Sprint getting orange BlackBerry Curve 8330, red 8350i

Chris Ziegler

All eyes are on the Tour right now as far as the BlackBerry ecosystem on Sprint goes, but we might remind you that there are still several other RIM-supplied models in the company's lineup, including the 8330 and the iDEN-capable 8350i. If anything can divert even a scant few eyeballs away from that Tour, it might be some truly insane colors -- and that appears to be what Sprint has in the works. Launch documents over on BerryReview have an "Inferno Orange" 8330 soft launching today with a red 8350i following on at the end of the month. We don't know what shade of red to expect out of that 8350i -- which is typically a straight-up business phone, by the bye -- but we wouldn't be surprised if the 8330 took a page out of T-Mobile's Sunset playbook. Whether that's a good thing or not... well, that remains to be seen.

[Via PhoneDog]

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