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Tales of Vesperia demo next week, trailer teases new stuff


If you've already played Tales of Vesperia, don't be surprised by how unrecognizable this new trailer is. Namco Bandai isn't holding back on the PS3 version of the RPG, adding tons of new content, from new playable characters, new dungeons, to new fully voiced cutscenes, like the ones you see above.

Japanese gamers will be able to test the PS3 version of Tales when a free downloadable demo releases next week, July 13th. If you make a Japanese PSN account of your own, you'll be able to try it -- just make sure you know Japanese first, okay?

We contacted Namco Bandai Games America about its plans for a US release and were simply told, "We have not announced Tales of Vesperia (PS3) for the North American region at this time. Therefore, we can not comment on additional content for the PS3 version of the game in Japan." Shucks.

[Via Kotaku]

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