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University of Florida pharmacy students must have iPhone or iPod Touch

Mel Martin

It's getting to be the 'in' thing for Colleges and Universities. The University of Florida at Gainesville is now requiring incoming pharmacy students for the fall semester to have either an iPhone or an iPod touch.

The student Newspaper, the Alligator, quotes the College of Pharmacy Dean William Riffee saying:

"These are the instruments at the forefront that are developing applications for medical uses by the hundreds. We want our students to become adept at using these mobile devices early on because we see this as the future in pharmacy practice."

The Dean also owns an iPhone so he knows of what he speaks.

In May, the University of Missouri School of Journalism also required the popular Apple devices, saying they would be helpful for recording lectures and other academic uses.

This is obviously a good thing for Apple, and the University thinks it is a good thing for students. It's not so good, however, if you already own a Zune.

Thanks to Billy S. for the tip

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