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Alan Wake PC plans 'up in the air'


Further doubt has been cast on Alan Wake's timely arrival on PC ... if he ever shows up at all. Following up on a Remedy forum post, which put the mouse and keyboard edition to the back of the line, Edge discovered the PC version is in an even more precarious state than first thought. Sam Lake, lead writer for Alan Wake, told the site that the Xbox 360 version is currently getting all the attention and plans "are up in the air and open." He added, "Once we get this version done we'll see."

When pushed further, Lake repeated that "plans are open" and the company will "evaluate the situation and see what makes sense." Given our wide range of programming expertise, we know that Xbox 360-to-PC (and vice versa) development is only a slightly more evolved form of ctrl-c, ctrl-v, so what's going on with Mr. Wake is a bit of a mystery to us.

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