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God of War III dev concerned about potential Aussie ban


God of War III Art Director Sean Cunningham is concerned, despite checks with ratings boards like the US's ESRB, that Kratos' epic conclusion may still not receive classification in Australia. Screen Play reports that, in a conversation with Cunningham, he admitted there may be issues and explained that the team is continually checking with censors, with some ideas for the game already being shot down.

Australia's notoriously strict ratings board, the OFLC, currently does not have a classification past MA15+ for video games. That means any game not appropriate for a 15-year-old won't be sold in stores and is de facto banned -- and that's before the national internet filter becomes fully operational. Given some of the violent antics we've seen from Kratos' high-def adventure, it might barely scrape by with an MA15+ rating. But what of the inevitable sex antics?

[Via GamePolitics]

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