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T-Mobile UK changes mind, dubs its Hero the G2 Touch

Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile's British division has had a last-minute change of heart, christening its latest Android set the "G2 Touch" instead of the G1 Touch moniker it had thrown around before. The news comes straight from T-Mobile UK's official Twitter account, which followed up shortly thereafter by announcing that the G2 Touch would be free (yes, free) on a £40 per month (about $65) contract of 18 months. Of course, that leads to the obvious question of what T-Mobile has planned for the G1 name -- is it dead, or is it considered a flagship badge that might see use on some future high-end Android model with a QWERTY keyboard? There are definitely some QWERTY loyalists in the mix here, so we can't imagine that T-Mobile plans on abandoning physical keyboards for Android altogether (and that goes for both sides of the pond, by the way).

[Via Talk Android]

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