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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Editorial: Taking the iPhone 3GS off the job market
We don't work like this on our computers -- why does Apple think we want to work like this on our phones?
Google's Schmidt initially opposed to Chrome, says Microsoft is welcome to port Internet Explorer on over
The browser wars were still fresh in everyone's minds.
Palm Pre hacked and running on Verizon
The hardest part was getting someone to add his device's MEID to the system, and that's always gonna be tough.
Other news of import
Baseball umps cite HDTV, SportsCenter for changing the way games are called
While we were just getting used to the football, hockey and basketball offseason, baseball umpires have piqued our interest with a statement that HDTV has changed the game.
Video: Toshiba TG01 gets UK launch, we handle it again
As you should know by now, this is Toshiba's most significant attempt to date at penetrating the consumer smartphone market, and it's coming equipped with a battering ram named Snapdragon.

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