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Thompson vs. Methenitis: 'Because history happens'


And now, a word from Jack Thompson: "Frankly, folks, I'm the pro-liberty, pro-personal choice person here because history happens." Eh, maybe not quite the rhetoric to spare him federal disbarment, but by many accounts, Thompson was actually articulate and well-spoken during last weekend's "Debate of the Century" at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention. His opponent and Joystiq legal columnist, Mark Methenitis (pictured right), described the subdued, silver-haired crusader (not dude on left) as "largely misunderstood" in a post-debate interview on this week's Late Nite JengaJam [audio link].

Sporting a gentle grandpa look, Thompson certainly appears (see clip after the break) as an entirely different character than the "internet bogeyman" who has haunted, well ... his own career. While it's a pleasant surprise to see Thompson show up in human form, he's gonna have to do better than forewarn the coming of "the 9/11 event for this industry" (sensational much?) to do any convincing around these parts. Now, excuse us while we take a break to go commit horrific acts of depravity (virtually, of course), and then go back to our ordinary, good-natured lives.

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