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WoW Moviewatch: Herpi Derpi I was bored


Everyone can have slow days, even machinima authors. It seems X-Cross had one of those days, and he was feeling less-than-entertained. Out of those idle hands, he authored Herpi Derpi I was bored. I'm featuring it today because X-Cross has created quite of bit of good work, so something by him is relatively newsworthy. And, even though I'm not proud to admit it, it somehow made me laugh.

As you might expect from the title, Herpi Derpi I was bored isn't exactly a groundbreaking feat of storytelling and fine-tuned graphics. It's a quick, short sight gag, followed by some relatively standard anti-elf ranting. This probably isn't the most high-brow comedy we've ever feature, but I enjoyed it.

So, while this video was funny, I hope X-Cross has relieved his boredom, and will be back around with a more fully developed piece soon. I'm particularly anxious to see Fi5ve.

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