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Patch 3.2: Trial of the Crusader HD videos

Michael Sacco

Fresh from our first run of Patch 3.2's new 5-man dungeon, the Trial of the Crusader, come these videos of our exploits inside Tirion's Big Top. Sneep of <Goon Squad> was kind enough to Fraps each encounter (in HD, no less!) as we progressed through the instance. The videos show the Champion encounters -- both mounted and on foot -- as well as the Argent Crusade representative fight (we had Argent Confessor Paletress this time) and the final battle against the Black Knight. Our group makeup was:

  • Talid, Resto Druid
  • Sneep, Elemental Shaman
  • Arnesca, Prot Paladin (Alex Ziebart)
  • Venda, Survival Hunter
  • Mosta, Elemental Shaman (Me)

The mounted battle against the Champions is shown above, and the rest of the videos are after the jump. Be sure to watch in HD by clicking the "HD" button on the Youtube UI!

EDIT: There was some offensive chat in the first video I posted, and it's been removed. Apologies to anyone who was offended by the remarks; they weren't in any way intended as serious.

Patch 3.2 will bring about a new 5, 10, and 25 man instance to WoW, and usher in a new 40-man battleground called the Isle of Conquest. will have you covered every step of the way, from extensive PTR coverage through the official live release. Check out's Guide to Patch 3.2 for all the latest!

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