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Pro tip: Getting into MMO closed beta Mongbat style

Brooke Pilley

We're sure you've heard about the No Elves! movement in Global Agenda by now. If you haven't, it all started with a hilarious machinima promotional video showing how Elven magic is no match for future technology and that players can be rest assured that no Elves will appear in the game.

Well, a quick-thinking guild recently decided to capitalize on this movement and it earned them a spot in Global Agenda closed beta starting July 24, 2009. Mongbat, famous for other closed beta shenanigans, decided to gift wrap a couple bruised and bloodied plush toy Elves and send them off to Global Agenda headquarters with a note. Hi-Rez was so impressed they took a picture of Executive Producer Todd Harris and CEO Erez Goren welcoming the hostages to their new prison.

This wasn't the first time Mongbat pulled such a prank. Back in June 2008, they marched into Mythic's head office and firmly planted their guild banner, claiming the development studio of Warhammer Online. They made it into a funny video podcast featuring a number of developers and earned quite a bit of community spotlight. So, the next time you want to get into a closed beta, you might want to ask yourself, "What would Mongbat do?"

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