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T-Mobile UK lands LG's GT500 as an exclusive

Chris Ziegler

Want a peek at a phone you'll almost certainly never have the opportunity to own? Look no further than T-Mobile UK for the GT500 from LG where the well-equipped HSDPA full touch handset that we've been tracking for a while now is apparently now shipping. Headlining features include a 5 megapixel cam with image stabilization, AGPS, tethering capability, 130MB of onboard storage, and microSD expansion (though really, what phone in 2009 doesn't have a microSD slot besides the Pre, the iPhone, and a weird Pantech here and there?). Rumors persist that this might eventually show up on Rogers, so one way or another, you're probably going to have to end up in a Commonwealth nation if you want this thing badly enough.

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