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The Daily Grind: Do you still rely on DVDs or direct download for your MMO fix?

Lesley Smith

I have loads of games, probably a bit of a given considering my day job, but I'm terrible when it comes to locating DVDs. Either I put them in the wrong cases (don't we all?) or, thanks to my visual disability, I just can't find them. I do mean that, the case could be sitting in front of me and I just wouldn't see it. Indeed I've not seen the discs for half my PC games since the day I installed them. As a result, and in order to pacify my inner minimalist, I love the way you can just re-download a game using just the internet. Whether it's WoW or Guild Wars, WAR or Aion, digital downloading seems to be the way to go.

So I wonder, readers, do you still rely on DVDs and have all those special collector's editions lined up on your shelves? Are you a minimalist and prefer the simplicity of going to an MMO's website and pressing 'download'? Do you find digital downloads are just faster and hassle free? What about if you're sans internet (let's say there's been a massive storm and you're putting the game on a new hard drive), do you keep the DVDs tucked away, just in case?

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