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WAR release their latest Grab Bag Q and A

Lesley Smith

WAR is known for its weekly outpourings of info and lore in the infamous Grab Bags, those expansive Q and A's where players can submit their questions to the devs and sometimes get very strange answers. Well, issue 20 has just been released to the masses, bringing with it the answers to twelve players' questions. The subjects are pretty wide ranging too, covering everything from the possibility of new races and changes in class mechanics, spells and abilities to some pretty weird bugs, including this little gem:

Question: My Marauder's hair color changes when I zone or mutate. Is this a side effect of being so close to Chaos (like the mice) or is it a bug I need to be reporting?

Answer: Even the primal forces of Chaos know better than to mess with your hair - we'll look into this!

Check out issue 20 to see if some of your burning questions about Warhammer Online have been answered.

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