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Darkfall's US server to launch today


Darkfall's first North American server, NA1, is due to launch today. The stage is set for the new server with the release of Darkfall's expansion, and July 13th is the date declared by both the website and the game's associate producer, Tasos Flambouras.

However, beyond a single thread regarding how to download the new US client, the launch has been very quiet. The account page is now online, ready to take your payments of 49.98 for the brand new NA client. Edit: While the account management is working and you can create an account, the shop is currently offline and unable to take new purchases of the game.

EU users interested in playing on the NA servers with their EU characters will still have to wait, however, as EU players will only be able to transfer to NA three months after the launch. Even then, EU characters will not be allowed to bring their possessions with them, transferring onto the server as a naked player. However, on the bright side, those who wait will not have to pay for a brand new account to play on the NA server.

Update: The shop is now online. Have fun!

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