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Rumor: God of War movie script leaked


CC2K claims to have read an advance script of the God of War movie, written by David Self. We can't really judge the validity of the claim. The plot is an adaptation of the first game, and it's pretty easy to come across plot details from the game, by, you know, playing the game.

The good news (well, good news if you like God of War's story), then, is that if this purported script is real (and it doesn't get rewritten to pieces, which it most certainly will, because it doesn't have any car chases or wisecracking sidekicks in it), it sticks to the game's material closely. One notable exception: the ending is different. We don't want to spoil the (possibly fake) ending of this movie that doesn't actually exist yet, so we'll leave it to you to see how Self left an opening for a sequel with a different story than what the game's sequel had.

[Thanks, Graeme Heron]

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