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Samsung InstinctQ gets WiFi certification, but what is it?

Chris Ziegler

Thought that the upcoming m850 was the end of the road for the Instinct series on Sprint? Apparently not, seeing how a so-called m900 "InstinctQ" just nabbed WiFi certification. Other than the fact that it's a "phone, dual mode," we can't make much of it -- but we do know that North American Samsungs starting with "SPH" are destined for Sprint, and the InstinctQ name certainly jibes with that. Cellpassion intriguingly claims that it could be packing Android, which would makes some amount of sense considering that Samsung and Sprint are both getting into the Android game and the Instinct line is considered one of Sprint's hero brands. We're going to hold off on waving the green flag of Android victory until we see some proof, but we're hopeful -- if not for our sake, than for Sprint's. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Unwired View and Cellpassion]

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