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This Wednesday: Monkey Island and MadBalls hit XBLA


Technically, that second one is actually Madballs in Babo Invasion. Lest you've already forgotten the game (and perhaps its spheroid protagonists), it's a top-down shooter supporting up to 16 players. Oh, and it has MadBalls in it. Remember those? You'll have to roll out 800 ($10) for the full game.

Meanwhile, players can also return to Melee Island™ and relive the LucasArts classic in The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. The remake of the point-and-click sports newly redrawn, high definition graphics and new spoken dialogue to boot. If you'd rather play it old-school, the original, pixelicious graphics are also available. It will set you back 800 ($10 / 478 Pieces of Eight).

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