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China bans electro-shock for treating Internet addicts, far too late to help McMurphy


It's been a while since the specter of IA has reared it's ugly head 'round here (or maybe we've just learned to accept it) but now it looks like it's back in the news. According to Reuters, the Chinese Ministry of Health has banned electro-shock therapy for the treatment of Internet Addiction after it came to light that a doctor named Yang Yongxin (also known as "Uncle Yang") has wired up as many as 3,000 teenagers in his Internet Addiction Treatment Center at Linyi Mental Hospital. The treatment included the aforementioned electro-shocks as well as psychotropic drugs, at a cost of 5,500 yuan ($805) a month -- cruel and unnecessary, sure, but a small price to pay to get your teenager off of MySpace.

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