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Fallout 3's 'Mothership Zeta' DLC beams down in August, priced at $10


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The next piece of Fallout 3 DLC leaves the Capital Wasteland and goes a few miles north up. Mothership Zeta will allow The Lone Wanderer to be abducted by aliens on August 3 for 800 ($10, 500 bottlecaps, 20 fingers or 5 Ultra Jet) for Xbox and PC.

Zeta will have players fighting their way to the bridge of a giant alien craft in hopes of escaping and stopping whatever the The Galactic Wanderers are there for. New weapons include the "Alien Atomizer" and the "Drone Cannon." Players will also be able to ally with "an unexpected array of characters," including some from "Earth's past." So help us if we can fight side by side with Abraham Lincoln! "I emancipate you from this mortal coil, alien scum!"

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