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Nintendo reveals American Club Nintendo bonuses [update]


Nintendo loyalists that have been diligently registering their games can now pick up a reward through the Club Nintendo loyalty program. Those who have earned 300 or more Coins (equivalent to 6 Wii game purchases) are granted Gold status, while those who have earned 600 or more Coins are granted Platinum status. These members are now entitled to an exclusive members-only bonus.

Platinum members have the choice of two prizes:
  • Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! -- this downloadable WiiWare game is available exclusively to Club Nintendo Platinum members. In this special download, you'll be able to fight one-on-one against your coach, Doc Louis. Update: Screenshots now added.
  • Mario Hat -- a "true-to-life" replica of Mario's signature headpiece. Nintendo notes that the hat "may be big for small children."
Gold members will receive a special 2010 calendar. See more images after the break.

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