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Nintendo to transform Times Square into real-life Wii Sports Resort


We know, friends -- you've been waiting patiently for months for Nintendo to announce plans to turn Times Square into Wii Sports Resort's Wuhu Island. Today -- finally! -- Nintendo did just that, revealing its intentions to convert Military Island in New York City's Times Square into a replica of the game's imaginary setting, featuring "a sandy beach, swimming pool and tropical lounge." To attend, all you have to do is show up at NYC's Times Square between 9AM and 3PM next Thursday, July 23 -- you'll even nab a (presumably free) "tropical non-alcoholic drink."

Oh, but what about actually playing the game, you ask? You'll have plenty of opportunity afforded you, given the "experts in various sports going head-to-head with fans" during the event. Make sure to tighten that Wiimote wrist strap so as not to "accidentally" chuck it at any of the cars passing by -- the urge to ragequit after getting schooled by someone's mom can be rather strong ... we hear.

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