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PSN guarded by 'velvet rope,' Relentless dev says

Jem Alexander

Creative director David Amor of Relentless Software (Buzz! and the newly announced Blue Toad Murder Files) didn't have a bad word to say about Sony or PSN during his and development director Andrew Eades' interview with "We're really happy with our relationship with Sony. So when starting this self publishing project we wanted to see their blessing on it and we're glad they've been supportive. I wouldn't want to do something that jeopardizes a good thing," Amor said. As a result, the company has "no immediate plans" to start developing for other devices.

Having said that, however, Amor feels that the iPhone is a "very interesting platform," but lacks the level of quality control standards that PSN adheres to. "There's something of a velvet rope around PlayStation Network that I think keeps the quality level high." While we agree for the most part (there are exceptions), we're intrigued to see whether Sony can maintain this quality level while simultaneously expanding the PSN developer base -- particularly when it comes to PSP Go.

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