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Punch-Out!! exclusive to one retailer in Australia, Excitebots excluded entirely


Demand for upcoming first-party Wii games doesn't seem to be high in Australia -- and if it is, it just means a lot of people are about to be disappointed. Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin told Kotaku AU that Aussie gamers can expect Punch-Out!! in stores late August, but only if those stores are JB Hi-Fi locations.

"To be honest we didn't have a lot of requests for the game," Lappin said. "There's a few people ... there's a lot of noise but not a lot of sales, that sort of thing." JB Hi-Fi, Lappin suggested, was the only retailer that showed significant interest.

But at least Punch-Out!! is getting some kind of release. Not so for Excitebots, which won't come out in Australia at all. Lappin told Kotaku AU that there just wasn't enough demand for the game from retailers or consumers.

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