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Relentless Software penning the Blue Toad Murder Files for PSN


Murder! Frogs! Relentless Software, most famous for its work on the Buzz! games, is branching off into quite a different project. Appearing exclusively on the PlayStation Network, the Blue Toad Murder Files is an episodic murder mystery adventure. Details are slim, but the game's official site promises that "mysteries" will be "revealed" in September.

This is Relentless' first self-published game, and the team is clearly excited to work on a non-trivia project. Executive Director, David Amor, told us, "We're really excited to be self publishing this. The murder mystery genre has been a staple in TV, books and movies for years and we think we've come up with a great videogame interpretation." If it's like Professor Layton meets ... uh, murder, we're game.

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