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Famitsu hands Dragon Quest IX a 40


Famitsu has given Dragon Quest IX a perfect 40/40 score in its review. According to Kotaku, the reviewers lauded DQIX's "ground breaking" multiplayer and its music, and called the storyline "easy to follow and straightforward, but also with moving scenes as well."

While it's kind of a running joke that Famitsu basically rubber-stamps effusive reviews for Square Enix titles, we were surprised to discover that this game is actually the first Dragon Quest to receive a perfect 40, and is one of only ten 40 scores awarded. Of course, Dragon Quests III, VII, and VIII weren't far off with their 39 ratings.

Kotaku also notes that the Amazon Japan reviews tend ... not to be as positive, though they apparently center around complaints about the Sandy character, an annoying ganguro fairy who has already inspired a "Die Sandy " Flash game.

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