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Pre-order Alpha Protocol for in-game bonus packs

Jem Alexander

Are you planning on pre-ordering The Espionage RPG? It may not be at the top of your list, but after hearing about the pre-order bonuses ... well, that probably won't change. Still, if you're planning on picking up the game anyway, they're worth placing an order for. Alpha Protocol will be offering pre-orderers two different in-game packs, depending on where you decide to make your purchase.

The Assault Pack, available from GameStop, unlocks a bunch of the more beefy weapons in the game, as well as giving access to two "exclusive specially modified weapons and extras." The Stealth Pack, available from GameCrazy, is very similar, but is more skewed towards quietly picking off enemies with tranqs and suppressors. Check out the Sega blog for full details.

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