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Stop the presses: Witcher Director's Cut adds nudity

CD Projekt's role-playing game The Witcher is getting another update, adding to the content found in the 2008 Enhanced Edition release. Owners of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will be able to upgrade to the game's Director's Cut free-of-charge via patch. The newest version of the game will also be available for purchase on, Impulse, Steam and Direct2Drive.

Along with adding updates found in the recent 1.5 patch -- which removed The Witcher's DRM and added new community-created content -- the Director's Cut will restore nudity previously removed from the North American release of the (overly buxom) Enhanced Edition. If staring at digital lady and man bits from an engine that got its original start in 2002 is your thing, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut is the definitive edition you seek.

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