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Verizon is signed up for an LG Chocolate 4 -- but is it anything like the BL40?

Chris Ziegler

We've just received word from a trusted source that Verizon has started the process of ordering dummy phones for an LG Chocolate 4, the latest in the carrier's long-running line of reasonably successful music-oriented dumbphones. That in itself isn't terribly interesting; what we really want to know is whether the new model will take a cue from the Black Label-branded BL40, one of the few phones in recent memory that seems to have unified and captivated phone fans from every walk of life. The thought of a domestic US launch of anything approaching the BL40's cool is a tantalizing one, indeed -- tempered only by the reality that no LG can escape Verizon's launch gauntlet untainted by evil firmware. If we had to guess, the Chocolate 4's going to be a far less revolutionary phone, but it's something to keep an eye on.

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