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WonderKing Online closed beta kicks off Thursday, July 16

James Egan

WonderKing Online is a new 2-D sidescrolling MMORPG from NDOORS Interactive that may prove to be a hit with gamers who enjoy titles like MapleStory. We've taken a look at WonderKing in recent weeks, in fact we've given away a ton of beta keys to our readers as well. While there are some similarities between WonderKing and MapleStory, both are free-to-play side scrolling games after all, the NDOORS title seems a bit more aggressive.

This was confirmed in our interview with the game's developers who told us they're working to implement large scale PvP battles (Castle Battles), where guilds will fight it out to control castles and all that come with them, such as exclusive items and dungeons. That may not be in the cards for WonderKing quite yet, but all those readers we gave beta codes to will find out soon enough -- the WonderKing closed beta kicks off tomorrow, July 16th. For those of you that got in, we hope you have a good time in there.

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