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EA GLAAD to host panel addressing homophobia in online gaming


Entitled "Homophobia in Virtual Communities," a new panel, initiated by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and hosted at EA's Redwood City headquarters, will delve into methods of combating hateful language and discriminatory behavior encountered and propagated by online game players. According to Gamasutra, those contributing to the discussion this Saturday, July 18th, will include GayGamer founder Flynn de Marco, Maxis senior producer Caryl Shaw, and Stephen Toulouse, program manager and virtual bouncer for Xbox Live.

Those with clear recollections or inexplicable mastery of our terrible in-site search will recognize Toulouse as one of the voices heard in a recent debate regarding Xbox Live's GLBT policies. Unless you're under the impression that GLBT is a kind of sandwich, it may be worth your while to gain further details on the panel over at the GLAAD website.

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