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    EVGA's quirky InterView dual-LCD display reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Much like Lenovo's ThinkPad W700ds, we get the feeling that EVGA's newly launched InterView Dual-Display will only cater to a select niche, but that's not to say it can't be a winner to at least a few individuals. The crew over at HotHardware took an in-depth look at the new rotatable, twin-LCD device, and while they certainly appreciated the 34-inch desktop in screen spanning mode, the auto re-orientation and the stunning build quality, a few minor issues held it back from greatness. For starters, the machine requires dual VGA or DVI inputs in order to run both panels from a single machine, and the fact that each LCD is only 17-inches could also turn some folks off. The most egregious choice, however, was to equip each display with just a 1,440 x 900 resolution, which isn't even enough to showcase 1080p material. At $650, the InterView is tough to recommend to all but those who are certain they'll take advantage of the nuances, but you can hit the read link for a few more looks and a complete video walk-through before making up your mind either way.

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