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FIFA producer cautious on Natal, PS3 motion wand use


David Rutter, producer of FIFA for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has put his foot down, literally. He's not moving it. At least, he's not moving it to play a 75-minute soccer match in his living room. When asked about the prospect of future FIFAs incorporating motion controls by utilizing Project Natal and Sony's motion wand, Rutter told, "There are a few things we can do, definitely, but we've not really started on it yet." Those few things do not include reinventing the franchise with unintuitive hand and body motions. "If it doesn't add to the overall thing, then it's pointless. I don't want it to be just this distraction, to be quite honest."

While FIFA might be the exception in an otherwise motion-inspired EA Sports business, we're sure all the head-nodding, inbounds wrist-flicking minigames you could imagine will be considered -- or worse, ported to FIFA 11. The trick, it seems, would be to perfect the motion caption technology: "Kick from the couch in all-new Energy Saver Mode!"

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