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Hot Shots Golf, Beats top list of PSP downloadables


The PSP Go may not be available yet, but that doesn't mean the PlayStation Store is devoid of PSP games. In fact, Sony has been ramping up the number of UMD legacy games on the Store every month, with 50 available on the Store as of July 2009.

Gamasutra looked at the top sellers on the PlayStation Store, with a specific focus on PSP games. They discovered that the highest selling UMD legacy game on the Store is Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, the PSP-exclusive golf game that debuted at the system's launch. It's available currently for $15.99 -- more than the cost of buying the UMD at

The PlayStation Store also hosts a number of games that are available exclusively through the PlayStation Network. So far, the most successful PSP venture to date is beats, London Studios' rhythm game, which transforms music stored on Memory Stick into interactive experiences. It's one of the first PSN games ever developed for PSP, and also one of the cheapest. At $5, no wonder it tops the list. To check out more of the best-selling PSP games on PSN, visit Gamasutra.

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