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June NPD: Prototype rips apart the sales charts


You're sure going to see a lot of green arrows in the chart below. However, don't be fooled -- while sales have gone up from last month, overall sales are down from 2008. In fact, total industry sales dropped 31% year-over-year to a measly $1.17 billion.

-DS: 766K132K (+20%)
-Wii: 361K71K (+24%)
-Xbox 360: 240K65K (+37%)
-PS3: 165K34K (+26%)
-PSP: 164K64K (+64%)
-PS2: 153K36K (+31%)

Check out the software sales chart after the break.

1. Prototype - Xbox 360 - Activision Blizzard - 419.9K
2. UFC 2009: Undisputed - Xbox 360 - THQ - 338.3K
3. EA Sports Active Bundle - Wii - Electronic Arts - 289.1K
4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10* - Wii - Electronic Arts - 272.4K
5. Wii Fit - Wii - Nintendo of America - 271.6K
6. Fight Night Round 4 - Xbox 360 - Electronic Arts - 260.8K
7. Fight Night Round 4 - PS3 - Electronic Arts - 210.3K
8. Mario Kart Wii - Wii - Nintendo of America - 202.1K
9. Red Faction: Guerrilla - Xbox 360 - THQ - 199.4K
10. inFamous - PS3 - Sony - 192.7K

The superhero battles end with Prototype the clear winner, the Xbox 360 version taking the top spot across all formats this month. Interestingly, the PS3 version didn't make the top 10 at all; the PS3-exclusive inFamous squeaked in at number 10 on the charts. (Note: inFamous sold 176K copies in May.)

From the top 10, it's clear that Electronics Arts has been doing very well, especially with its new focus on Nintendo titles. However, the company must be sore about missing out on UFC. Two months in, and THQ's MMA game holds second place in a chokehold. Impressive!

One final thing to note: one of the mainstays of the charts has mysteriously vanished off the Top 10. Yes, Wii Play has finally been thwarted, having stayed on the charts for a whopping 29 months. That must be a record of some sort, right? Perhaps everyone and their moms finally have that extra Wii Remote?

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