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LG GW600 with WinMo, 20-key layout for AT&T gets FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

So that 20-key LG GW600 "HQ" we spied in an AT&T slide deck not long ago is now looking very real indeed, now that the FCC has seen fit to rubber-stamp it and send it on its way. 20-key layouts have always been an acquired taste, granted -- but with WiFi, 3G, and GPS, this looks to be just about the most attractive WinMo Standard handset in the game whenever AT&T gets around to launching it. Is it really running Standard, though? Our leaked slide said as much, but the manual makes repeated mention of handwriting support on the display. Either way, it's possible we're looking at a draft manual here with swaths of text stolen from another model (it happens pretty frequently), so it's hard to nail down an exact feature set without this one finding its way onto eBay or AT&T shelves, whichever comes first.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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