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Miner Wars, an MMO for PC and ... XBLA?


File this one under the "We couldn't have seen it coming from a mile away" category: Keen Software House announced today its forthcoming game, a space shooter MMO named Miner Wars, for release on PC and Xbox Live Arcade. Yep, that's right folks, an MMO could quite possibly hit the Xbox 360's Live Arcade service before landing on the console proper, as this one's billed for an "Autumn 2009 World Premiere."

Wait, does that mean a fall release? KSH's Marek Rosa told Joystiq, "World premiere means game release, but it's possible we will move this date to Q1/2010, because we don't want to fight with games like Call Of Duty, etc., but the official date right now is Autumn 2009." And will Miner Wars support cross-platform play between the Xbox 360 and PC? Hmmm?

"Cross-platform PC and Xbox is something I would like to have -- there will probably be some compromises, but I will fight for it," Rosa told us. He says since the game is being developed currently using the XNA development tools, a PlayStation 3 port is unlikely, though a 2D iteration of Miner Wars is planned for the PSP and iPhone following the completion of the XBLA/PC game.

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