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Sony: PlayStation Eye can recognize faces -- right now


Interacting with games without using a controller is apparently a really big deal. Microsoft's got its "Project Natal" thing and Sony has its magic motion wand. Oh, wait. That's technically a controller. That you hold. Fear not, as, during the Develop Conference going on right now in the UK, Sony has revealed that the existing PlayStation Eye camera can recognize you -- well, specifically your face -- and track your skeletal movement without getting all touchy-feely.

SCEE says that it already has libraries available for developers who want to integrate the technology into their games. Develop magazine's site quotes developer relations head, Kish Hirani, who divulged that the software was developed by SCEE R&D along with outside developers.

While attending the conference, we also learned that it's capable of making out the movement of individual digits -- fancy-talk for fingers -- along with those of your facial bones. Sony has not commented on whether certain hand gestures will be edited out by the software. (Nothing can edit what you'll find after the break from your mind.)

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