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WoW Moviewatch: Two Fellas


Warning: Spoilers about this movie appear in the review.

Like almost everyone else who is regularly featured in WoW Moviewatch, Silverlined Productions are busily grinding away on their movie presentation for BlizzCon. However, Nixxiom took a break from that effort, and threw together Two Fellas to keep us entertained during the interim.

As the video itself warns, Nixxiom didn't spend an inordinate amount of time building the video. It's interesting to note, though, he said it took three hours on the long end. That's a good point for folks who are new to machinima. This brief, short clip took three hours. It's important to keep that in mind when evaluating how much effort machinima authors spend creating their work.

The story is pretty short. A pair of humans are chilling out in Lakeshire, talking about how a pretty good movie was spoiled at the end by some randomness that didn't make any sense. Then a nun appears, who turns into a worgen. And then, randomness occurs. The final line of the movie is something like "I'm gonna rape you."

I found the bit pretty funny and enjoyed the movie. But the politically aware person wonders about that final line. Since the whole point is "this is random and crazy," I don't imagine there's any harm meant. After all, a common PvP phrase is "I'm gonna own you!" You're not really referencing slavery with that phrase, and Nixxiom wasn't trying to make light of rape as a subject. It was just a phrase. Still, it stuck out in my head, and I thought I'd mention it.

Overall, this video was actually a lot of fun, and I totally tip my hat to Nixxion. Thanks for the taking the time to put something out there, even while working hard on your BlizzCon efforts.

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