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Aion website refresh includes game guides and wiki

Lesley Smith

Ahead of Closed Beta Test 4, which starts later today, NCsoft have revealed a new-look website for Aion: The Tower of Eternity which includes its own wiki and the electronic equivalent of a manual, explaining how to play the game. The site itself has been given an overhaul and now seems identical regardless of whether you prefer the US version or the European one. There are also feeds to Aion's Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as the collective Twitter feeds of the devs and regional CM's. All four are well worth following but more so if you've not yet pre-ordered the game or got yourself a beta key as they normally give quite a few away just before each new beta test event.

However, the big new addition to the site is the wiki. It's an excellent resource to anyone looking to figure out how the game works.and there's an especially detailed page explaining character creation, on top of this there are pages exploring the lore and the zones which have been made available to Elyos and Asmodian players. Indeed the addition of this new wiki is perfectly timed and means players new and slightly more experienced are going to be able to understand how the game works that much more easily. The wiki is still in beta, but that said, it's a wealth of official information about the game which is sure to be invaluable to players who are rolling a toon for the first time or finally exploring how the other faction lives. So, don't forget to check it out before today's fun and games begin at noon PST/8pm CET.

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