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Bose intros SoundLink wireless music system, charges $550 with a straight face

Darren Murph

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Ah, Bose. While almost any other audio company would be properly lambasted for charging $549.95 for a portable sound system with absolutely no hard specifications (driver material, amplifier type, wattage, etc.) to speak of, somehow or another Bose gets away with the practice. All bitterness aside, the fresh SoundLink Wireless Music System is actually rather attractive, and unlike its other models, this one arrives with a USB dongle that enables computers to stream tunes directly to it. 'Course, we're not told what kind of technology is used here nor how far you can stray without losing signal, but as we alluded to earlier, this is all par for the course for Bose. In brighter news, there's a rechargeable battery that keeps it humming for three hours on a full charge, and the bundled IR remote could probably be programmed to control your media app from afar. Oh, and there's a standard 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack for linking things up the "old way." Start saving your pennies quarters, folks -- this one ships to those with more dollars than sense on August 27th.

[Via HotHardware]

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