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Engadget Podcast 155 - 07.17.2009

Trent Wolbe

Paul picked a pretty good week to take a well-deserved vacation -- not a lot's gone down since the podcast crew last cozied up to their microphones. There were some big announcements, though: Comcast loaded up its On Demand Online offerings with a ton of partner announcements and Palm released the Mojo SDK (and the Pre was blocked from iTunes). On top of that, we saw some more shots of that mysterious slim PS3, Microsoft announced plans to open up retail stores, and Google Chrome remained a hot topic of conversation -- for Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. Josh and Nilay are here to run it all down, settle in and hit play -- it's podcast time.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Superpowerless - Creep

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00:02:30 - CBS, Comcast On Demand Online partnership faces off premium vs. free internet streaming; 17 cable channels jump onboard
00:15:08 - Palm makes Mojo SDK beta and docs publicly available, officially opens developer floodgates
00:24:38 - iTunes 8.2.1 brings Pre's music syncing capability to a halt (updated)
00:43:05 - Probably-fake video of the PS3 slim surfaces
00:48:30 - Microsoft confirms retail stores coming this fall
00:49:30 - Microsoft exec says Apple asked them stop airing Laptop Hunters ads
00:51:54 - Bill Gates calls Chrome OS more of the same, "surprised people are acting like there's something new"
00:53:50 - Steve Ballmer calls Chrome OS "highly interesting," says Google "can't make up their mind"
00:58:15 - More alleged Chrome OS screenshots for your viewing pleasure
01:05:10 - Design your own Kindle (and win it) with Engadget, Amazon, and Adafruit Industries!

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