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NY State proposing ban on gaming while driving


New York doesn't want you distracted while steering that 2,500 lb. hunk of metal plastic, according to a recently passed bill brought to our attention by Buffalo Business First, banning all kinds of behind-the-wheel diversions. If you often enjoy a quick round of Retro Game Challenge or Patapon while at a stop light, know the cops would be able to confiscate your handheld and totally erase your game saves. Okay, we made that up. Offenders would actually get a $150 fine.

The new law (much like Hawaii's) doesn't just apply to games and, should it pass, will make a number of activities on your phone (text, surf the web, hold it up and look at it) illegal to do while driving. Sure, it has everyone's safety in mind, but we really think the government is crazy if it expects us to pull over and park every time we try to level up our Pidgey.

[Via Game Politics]

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