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Rumor: Saints Row PSP revealed by ... Opeth


Who's the hottest new source for game news? The website of Swedish metal band Opeth, of course! At least, it is when it comes to news about an as-yet unannounced PSP Saints Row game. According to a news item on the band's site, a PSP version of the sandbox game (if you're not familiar with it, think GTA with ... actually, just think GTA) is on the way.

"We may not like playing video games all that much," the news item reads, "but we do like it when our music is featured on them! Makes us a bit proud even when it's a game as big as Saints Row for the PSP and even prouder when the nice developer people show excellent taste by picking 'The Lotus Eater' for it."

These leaks aren't usually this specific, but Opeth actually announced a release date for this purported game: March 2010. Thanks, Opeth! You're now our second favorite Saints Row-related musical act.

[Via VG247]

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