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Spyborgs team up to attack retail September 29


Capcom has finally announced a date for its new Wii brawler, Spyborgs. The cooperative action game from Bionic Games will be out in North America on September 29. Originally announced at Capcom's Captivate '08 event, Spyborgs underwent major retooling, becoming a bit less "kiddie"-looking in the process. As the new boxart shows (in full after the break), the game carries a T rating.

If you're eager to try out Spyborgs before September, you still have a week to plan a trip to the San Diego Comic-Con, where Capcom will offer the first public demo, as well as some unspecified Spyborgs-related giveaways. At the moment, Capcom seems to be the best reason to attend Comic-Con.

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