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The Daily Grind: Do you play the same class in every MMO?

Lesley Smith

They might sometimes have different names, but most MMOs share traits recognised as specific classes. Warriors, for example, are hardcore tanks able to take and deal a lot of damage. Priests are healers who can bring back the dead while Mages are squishy but able to devastate if you don't get in and down them fast. So, readers, I want to know if you stick to a certain class across many MMOs? If you don't, why not? Tell us in the usual way by dropping a comment in the box.

Personally I usually play casters like Druids and Mages simply because my visual disability means I like to stand and pew pew to my heart's content rather than tanking or chasing mobs. Plus I really like the light show that goes with a really good incantation. However, during the last Aion Closed Beta Test, I rolled a Warrior just to see what it was like and had a heck of a lot of fun not dying for a change. I still prefer casters though, what about you?

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