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Verizon cutting all device exclusivity to six months for small carriers

Chris Ziegler

The original plan was to max out exclusivity periods at six months for Samsung and LG products, but now, Verizon's offering an even larger olive branch to small carriers, saying that it'll limit exclusivity to half a year for "all devices." Straight-up competitors like Sprint certainly won't be reaping any benefit from this, but the little guys -- carriers with 500,000 or fewer subscribers -- will now be able to pick up the same hardware Verizon has after the six-month cooling off period has elapsed. Though it seems like a genuinely good-hearted measure, the move is undoubtedly designed to get the FCC and Congress to cool off, both of which have been taking a keen look into potentially practices by some of the nation's largest carriers -- AT&T and Verizon in particular. But hey, either way, if this means faster Wireless Coupe launches across the country, we're all for it.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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