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BeamBox Essential G2 projector is tiny, available for pre-order

Vlad Savov

Remember when 190 grams felt feathery light? BeamBox wasn't satisfied with that, and has put its pocket projector on a strict diet, cutting its weight all the way down to 75 grams. The Essential G2 promises VGA resolution on up to a 73-inch projection, though we'd expect the listed 20 lumens to produce usable images closer to 7.3-inches. Alas, you have to expect sacrifices when moving to such miniature dimensions. USB connectivity takes care of both power and image source, though there's 1GB of integrated memory if you don't feel like lugging a comparatively monolithic laptop or netbook along. If this has piqued your interest, a remote control comes as part of the deal and pre-orders are being taken now -- £220, $250 or €240, depending on your local currency -- with general availability set for July 29.

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